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40 Years of the Ashram Community 1967-2007

Ashram community members and friends who shared our 2008 week in the cloister at Iona Abbey


New Ashram Website  

New Ashram Website
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Nov 2011: Ashram Press Books & Order Form (PDF)

August 2010: Ashram at Blaithwaite House, near Wigton

August 2009:Ashram at Othona Community, Bradwell

August 2008: Ashram at Iona. Around 18 members of the Community enjoyed a week with the Iona Community and friends at the abbey in Iona - most of us are in the photo above. more text and pictures

Act Together - Ashram Newsletter. You can download the May 2008 issue which contains some dates for 2009. Warning - large file - about 1 Mb PDF.

May 2007: 40 Years. Ashram celebrated 40 years of the Ashram Community with a conference at Cliff College, Derbyshire. A book in preparation will celebrate our history and look to the future. Pictures

October 2006: Deacon Dave sets off for Israel with the International Solidarity Movement. Follow him on his blog.

September 2006: Ashram Weekend at Castleton
pictures to follow

July-Aug 2006: Ashram Holiday at Kemsing
pictures to follow

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July 2004
: Ashram Holiday group picture at Hawick.



May 2003: Ashram has held most of its weekend conferences at Cliff College, since the 1960s. Changes in the catering arrangements at Cliff mean that the May weekend was the last at this venue. pictures


  a new radical program to open up discipleship to Jesus as an exciting, worthwhile option

Unique Opportunities

  in the inner city at Burngreave, Sheffield

Radical Christianity

  new web site with details of 2005 events and Radical Jesus book



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