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Spital Hill is the main street of Burngreave, Sheffield's north-east multi-cultural inner city. There the Ashram Community is planting a new initiative. The Burngreave Ashram is a centre for building new projects and exploring new ideas of Community. We have space to meet with each other and it includes New Roots, a Wholefoods veggy-vegan-cafe and shop; here we meet with our neighbours and those with similar beliefs and valued. We run this shop using volunteers who offer their services because of their belief in Fair Trade, Justice and a common responsibility to sustain our world.

Our new direction is taking us into developing a new Retreat Centre based on action. People are welcome to come and join our community and gain an inner city experience involving you in any aspect of our work and also offer your services to local faith projects.

We need imaginative people dreaming dreams and working with us. Our current plans involve developing an inner city retreat centre, building a multi-faith chapel in the cellar and opening a vegetarian/vegan restuarant.


How you can help

  • There is an opportunity for those called to personal mission in the inner city to live in one of the two community houses related to the project, enabling you to have an involvement in local community projects.
  • There is the scheme for short-term residential volunteers, staying with local community members and giving 2 weeks to 2 months as a volunteer at Burngreave Ashram helping with all aspects of the work and visiting other local faith communities of which there are many: Christian, Muslim, Sikh and others.

We can offer a unique vocational experience in a supportive Christian community.
There is also an opportunity for some study with courses in Burngreave Ashram and at the nearby Urban Theology Unit.



Please write for information to Rev. Dr. John Vincent,
Ashram Community office, 178 Abbeyfield Road. Sheffield S4 7AY,
T: 0114 2436688
E-mail, ashramcommunity@hotmail.com

Find out more about Ashram on this web site.



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