London Buildings

Peter Marshall's Library of Pictures

The work shown here is a very small selection of the approximately 100,000 exposures taken in Greater London by Peter Marshall since the early 1980's. The vast majority of this work is in black and white only.

The aim of this work has expanded with time. It now hopes to include photographs of all significant buildings and structures in the Greater London area - basically the area withing the M25 with some adjoining urban centres. It also aims to provide typical examples of all building types within the area. As well as buildings it also includes decorative features (murals, reliefs etc), sculpture and statues in public places, parks and gardens, general views, infrastructure etc.

Given the scope of this work it is unlikely ever to be complete, particularly given the rate of new building, but the coverage of many areas is already extremely thorough. It already includes many building which have been demolished since the work started. All photographs are from publicly accessible areas; no model or building releases are available. Buildings which cannot be viewed satisfactorily from public roads or paths have been excluded.

It is unfortunately not possible at present to make all of the library available on-line. Much of it is stored only in the form of negatives and contact prints, and although computer indexed in very general terms a complete search still requires reference to these sheets to find specific pictures.

Commercial use

Searches can be carried out for particular requests for commercial use only and thumbnail jpeg files matching these searches sent free of charge by e-mail.

Where requests identify buildings which have not yet been photographed which are within the scope of the library, these will be photographed and added to the library as soon as possible.

Specifying a search

Any requests for searches should include:

Send search request to me.

Work in Colour

This work is on colour negative film/colour print:

Other Black and White work