Annual General Meeting 10 October 1998

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1. Welcome by Peter Jennings to those present. Apologies for absence from: Anne Crabbe, Virginia Khuri, Yoke Matze and Len Salem.

2. Minutes of last meeting were read and the following points arising were made:

The minutes were unanimously accepted as a true record of the previous AGM - proposed by Tony Mayne and seconded by Gordon Raison.

3. Chairman's report (summary):

4. Programme Organizer's report (summary):

Janet Hall reported that the connection with the Photographers Gallery is lost for at least one year as they are renovating the building. They are open now on Sundays it is no longer possible to organise day events there. Rudolf Steiner House is likely to be used more next year, also possibly the Camera Club in Kennington, which has easy access by tube and is about to be refurbished. The practical workshops at Brunel University are to continue.

Programme ideas are always welcome.

We hope to include a booking form with the next programme.

The provisional booking for the Barbican Library in 1999 is no longer available. At the moment we have no exhibition space for '99. A clear majority of those present were in favour of having an exhibition in 1999 if a venue could be found. New members are attracted by exhibitions and LIP would lose out if there were none.

Our stall at the Contemporary Photography Fair at the Strand Palace still has room for work - 3 prints per person.

5 . Treasurer's report:

In Len's absence the report of accounts (and his comments on them) was read and accepted.

6. The Millennium Project:

Quentin Ball reported that this was on schedule with 40 members each with 20 dates. It was hoped most would come on 25 October so we can get to know each other and share ideas. New People can still sign up and cover dates on a stand-by basis. There is no venue or sponsorship as yet, but letters are still out to galleries. No approaches yet made to sponsors but are going go be shortly.

Michael Crawford-Hicks volunteered to approach Kodak.

7. LipService - Editor's report

(This is reproduced in full below, so left out here [Ed])

Some work sent to the editor had not been received. Members were advised to phone to check after sending work.

Tony Wallis said that non- commercial organizations - such as Harrow School - might be able to provide better printing at lower cost and offered to investigate the possibility

8. LIP Web pages - Graeme Webb has already put members work on the web. [This is separate from the LipService site - Ed]

9. Satellite Meetings

It was decided include details of nearest local groups (according to postcode) in a future mailing.

10. Committee:
Chair: Peter Jennings
Secretary: Virginia Khuri
Treasurer: Len Salem
Programme Secretary: Janet Hall
LipService Editor: Peter Marshall
Exhibition Organiser Yoke Matze
Publicity Michael Crawford- Hicks

As usual other members would be co-opted by the committee

11. AOB: none

Editors note.

In the absence of Virginia Khuri, minutes of the meeting were taken by me and then transcribed by Ginny from my handwriting - which even I have great difficulty in reading. I have made a few minor additions and corrections.

LipService Report

Editor: Peter Marshall

The last year saw another 3 successful issues of LipService, featuring work by 20 members as well as contributions by two distinguished guests. Several members contributed more than one item to more than one issue. The September issue was - as noted in the magazine - made difficult by the failure of several promised items to reach the editor.

A new development is that all LipService issues this year are now available on-line (, often with increased content - increasingly with colour pictures in colour. It is attracting roughly 1000 different visitors each month - much more than the print version.

LipService continues to promote and enhance the reputation of LIP both in this country and now internationally, being widely read outside of LIP.

All members are urged to send their work in - both by messages in the magazine and by reminders at LIP meetings.

Editorial policy remains unchanged - some points:

Reproduction of photographs continues to pose problems, not least in its unpredictability. Following the discussion at last year's AGM the committee investigated the possibilities and decided that the alternatives were beyond our means. There are of course no such problems on the on-line version. The possibility of a special publication to accompany the Millennium exhibition is still under consideration.

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