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It seemed a good idea when I first suggested it.

A day out taking pictures led by someone familiar with a particular area who might show you the parts that otherwise might not be seen. Then a meeting later to compare the different treatments people had made of the material.

So I ended up leading the first of what is intended as a series of such events. The pin stuck into London landed in one (perhaps the oldest) of its three cities, Southwark.


LIP walk

Five of us eventually found our way to Blackfriars on a May Sunday (some earlier than others) and we crossed the bridge. I won't reveal who managed to get lost, but eventually we were together at least in body. In mind we wandered different routes, following layers of history or graffiti, formal elements or psycho-geography, Piranesi and Dickens, chasing illusion and allusion and old men through the liberty.

Slowly. The weather was kind. All Hallows churchyard offered rest. Whole sectors of route were abandoned. Warehouses, theatres, bear-gardens, docks, cathedrals, markets, brothels all went unvisited and stories untold.

W H & H Le May, Hop Factors at 67 Borough High St (HOP 1945-6 in those days when telephone numbers had character) was the final station of my pilgrimage before rushing into the full-blast industrial-strength heritage of George Yard, National Trust, the Westminster Morris and warm beer.

Thanks to Len, Tony, Nancye and Glenda for accompanying me. Quentin Ball leads our next one - on 4 Oct in Highgate and Hampstead - don't miss it. Contact Janet Hall to book now (0181 8475989).

Peter Marshall

Pictures (from top of page down)
Blackfriars pub - Tony Mayne
3 - Peter Marshall
Railway Bridges - Peter Marshall
Union St - Nancye Gault
Disused Bridge - Tony Mayne
Mirror - Len Salem
Dead end - Tony Mayne
Panorama - Peter Marshall
Disused bridge - Peter Marshall

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