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FotoArtFestival 2007

I bought a travel alarm for the trip to Poland, as my old alarm had stopped working. It was a high-tech device, one that got correct time from a radio signal, but came with a very inadequate manual.

I don't sleep well away from home, and on my last visit had been woken by church bells at around 5.30 am on the Sunday. So when I glanced at the clock on being woken and found it was 6.45, I thought I still had some hours before breakfast.

I got up and started to review my presentation for the last session of the Maraton. In 2005, I'd completely re-written much of it, but this time I just added a new introduction. When I'd got it more or less complete I fortunately glanced at my watch, which said 9.15; surprised I looked at the travel alarm - it was only 8.15.

One of them was an hour wrong, and I wasn't sure which. Quickly I washed and dressed and ran down to the breakfast room to find it almost empty, and asked Alex the time. About 9.25. Fortunately I still had time for breakfast - if a rather rushed one, before hurrying down to the Banialuka Theatre for the 'Maraton'. I even had a few minutes spare to take a few pictures on the way.

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FotoArtFestival Diary 2007

Peter Marshall

Bielsko-Biala, October 18-28, 2007

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