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For a wide selection of my pictures of London from the 1970s on, and more recent publications of work from London see London Photographs.

Most collections of London pictures concentrate on the well known tourist attractions. In 1996 I set up my 'Buildings of London' site to show the whole range of London buildings, both the exceptional and the typical, including industrial, commercial, domestic and other types of buildings. This site was updated for the next two years and mainly includes pictures taken from 1986 to 1998, but is now included for historical reasons.

In May 1999 I put work, mainly taken before 1986 involving industrial or commercial property, on a new 'London's Industrial Heritage' site, which includes pictures in many now redeveloped areas of London including Bermondsey, Limehouse, Deptford and Wapping, as well as work from boroughs other than Greenwich, Southwark and Tower Hamlets. You can download a PDF file (732Kb) of an Industrial Archaeology walk in West Bermondsey I wrote in the 1990s (unrevised.)

Another major site which includes some of my pictures of London is The Lea Valley which covers the River Lea from its source to the Thames and the Lea Navigation.

Other work on this site includes series on the River Thames, from Staines through Battersea and Westminster to docklands and the Thames estuary. Croydon Tramlink looks at the tram line and its surroundings. Ideal Cafe, Cool Blondes and Paradise is a three part sequence of colour images taken on London streets. Finsbury Park shows some of my panoramic work, which really needs a web site of its own.

There are also links to pictures taken at many events in London, such as the Notting Hill Carnival, Gay Pride, Jubilee 2000 and the first Countryside rally. More recently much of my work in London, including many pictures of events and demonstrations, gets included - sometimes shortly after the event - in My London Diary.

Although this site is centred on London, a few other pictures do creep in. German Indications combines images and text related to my visits to an area of north Germany. The More on the work page includes links to other work outside London, including my most recently launched site, Still Occupied - A View of Hull, launched for a project to celebrate Hull's year as 2017 UK City of Culture, to which I continue to add pictures.

Copies of all pictures on this site are available for reproduction or sale and your comments are welcome.

All photographs Peter Marshall - contact me about any proposed use.

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