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Peter Marshall

I first studied photography as a short course during my teacher training year in 1970-71, making use also of the opportunity to study media studies, film studies and gain practical experience behind a television camera! As my interest in photography grew I learnt much from books on the subject. My first published photographs were a portfolio on Paris which appeared in a photographic magazine in 1973; since then I have had work in many books, newspapers and magazines. A vital stimulus to further thought about the medium was given by working with Raymond Moore at a number of workshops in the mid 70's.

I have also taken an interest in the history of photography, and in particular in the use of historic processes such as platinum and salt printing. Work by me in these and related media was exhibited in several shows connected with the celebration of one hundred and fifty years of photography. It is a slightly daunting experience to see your platinum print hung next to one by Frederick Evans! I have also written a few articles related to the history of photography and led various practical workshops, both on various aspects of alternative processes and on the work of photographers such as Man Ray.

I have been involved with several groups of photographers over the years. I was one of the founder members of Framework, a pionering UK group of independent photographers until its demise in 1993; together we organised around 20 group exhibitions almost all of which included some of my work. (Among many UK photographers to exhibit with Framework were Terry King, Carol Hudson, John RT Davies, Derek Ridgers and Jo Spence.) My work was also included in various other group shows including a number of open exhibitions.

I was also a member of London Documentary Photographers taking part in all their group exhibitions (1988-95). Since the mid 1980's I have been working on an extensive and unfinished project to photograph all aspects of London. Until 1999 I taught photography and computer studies full-time in further education near my home 20 miles to the west of London. I taught part-time until early in 2007.


From 1999-2007 I wrote a photography site for, producing over 400 major features on photographers and the history of photography, as well as technical matters, including much on digital photography. Unfortunately this material is no longer available on line. I now write for my own blog, >Re:PHOTO ("ray-photo") and for other sites including 'Luminous Lint.'

Selected Publications

The following should be found in all good photography libraries:
Creative Camera International Collection 5, 1978, p184-5
British Journal of Photography Annual, 1988, p126-7
Photographer's London 1839-94 p282-3
Magazines in which my work has appeared include:
Amateur Photographer, British Journal of Photography,
Creative Camera, Inscape, Practical Photography,
South East Arts Review....

Major Projects

Minor Sequence (1978-81)
Still Occupied - A View of Hull (1978-83)
Paris Revisited (1984) A homage to Atget
Along the Lea (1983-4) A study of landscape and industry along London's second river
South of the River (1982-6) Industry and its impact on Thameside
Docklands (1983-4) London's derelict docklands and their reclamation
Family Album (1976-83) A study of family relationships: excerpts available on
German Indications (1985) Text and pictures examine German culture
Cafe Ideal, Cool Blondes and Paradise (1986-93) Colour work in London
Docklands Light Railway (1992) Black and white panoramas
Docklands Panoramas (1993) Colour
On the Buses (1991-2) Passengers on London's buses
Notting Hill Carnival (1991-)
City of London (1983-4) Colour Panoramas
London Protests (1977-) Includes Gay Pride march pictures on Fixing Shadows, Reclaim the Streets '96 and Pure Genius '97
Meridian (1995) Panoramas taken along the Greenwich Meridian
Lea Valley and Olympic 2012 Site Work from 1980-current which extends the earlier 'Along the Lea'.
My London Diary A large web presentation of work from events in London and some other material
Thames Gateway Panoramic and digital work in the area around the lower Thames.

Several hundred of my pictures of London buildings and artifacts have been purchased for the collection of the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments in England

Selected Exhibitions

Selected One Person Shows

Still Occupied - A View of Hull: Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. 1983
Atget Revisited - Spelthorne College, Ashford, Middx. 1985
London's Industrial Heritage: FotoArt Festival 2005, Bielsko-Biala, Poland, June-July 2005
Queer is Here - 10 Years of Gay Pride, Museum of London, Feb 2006 (& touring)
Environmental Protest in London: Foto Arte 2007, Brasilia, Brazil. Dec 2007-Jan 2008

Selected Group Shows

I have had work in over 50 group shows since 1973, including:
Selected Portfolios in various Brunel Photoshows, Brunel University, Middx (1980's)
City Blues Orleans House Gallery, London 1986
Transport in London The Museum of London 1992
The City of London Project The Barbican Library, London 1993
London Documentary Photographers Swiss Cottage Library, London 1994
Street Photography Tabernacle Gallery, London 1995
Photographer's London 1839-1994 Museum of London 1995
4 on London The Barbican Library, London 1997
Another London Kingston Museum, Jan 2007
Roof Unit Foundations, Space Gallery, Hackney, Nov-Dec 2007

I have curated (and also taken part) in 4 shows for London Arts Café:

Cities of Walls, Cities of People The Gallery, Cowcross St, London EC1 Nov-Dec 2001
Café Life The Juggler, Hoxton Market, October 2005
The River, The Juggler, Hoxton Market, November 2006
City People, The Juggler, Hoxton Market, October 2007

As well as talking about my own work I have also given a number of public lectures and workshops on photography, including:

Man Ray Workshop: Clerkenwell/Barbican (in conjunction with the Man Ray show there)
Docklands Workshop (several dates, for London Independent Photography and London Arts Café)
Urban Photography Workshop (Limehouse), London Arts Café, 2005

Ray Jones and Ray Moore. FotoArt Festival 2005, Bielsko-Biala, Poland, June 2005
My London Friends FotoArt Festival 2005, Bielsko-Biala, Poland, June 2005
On London Streets FotoArt Festival 2007, Bielsko-Biala, Poland, Oct 2007
Photography and the Urban Environment, Foto Arte 2007, Brasilia, Brazil. Dec 2007

I feel it important for me as a photographer to record the society in which I live and the way it changes.
Much of my work which is not pictures of people concentrates on the vernacular.

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