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Saturday 11 June

It was getting dark as I made my way back to the hall for the evening talks

And, guess what, it was raining slightly

Here is one of the angels again:

With the 'flower' she gave me.

Sunday 12 June



more Sunday morning pictures

Sunday morning I was woken by bells around 5.45 am, calling people to the six o'clock service, but I didn't go. There were more later. I got out of bed and rewrote the introduction of my talk before breakfast.

After breakfast I went out to visit as many of the exhibitions as I could fit in, having been told the sessions would not start until 12.30. This information turned out to be wrong, but I was pleased it gave me some time to walk around Bielsko-Biala visiting the shows I had not managed to make earlier.

In particular I was able to see the work of Bevis Fusha, Ali Borovali, Lars Tunbjork, Robert Diament and Sarah Saudek, as well as visiting various parts of the city on the way. You can find links to work by most of these people in the short feature abou the FotoArtFestival on the Wayback Machine.

FotoArtFestival Diary

Peter Marshall

Bielsko-Biala, June 9-13, 2005


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