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came into being in the mid 1970s as a group of photographers, who occasionally met together and brought their current work to discuss. Other photographers were sometimes invited to bring their work to FrameWork meetings. We also organised a number of exhibitions (exhibitions) at various venues including work by those in the group and also other invited photographers, as well as some other photography related events.

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FrameWork was a loose, co-operative grouping. It never had a formal constitution, but was more a group of friends that photographers were invited to come along to. It had a Co-ordinator - largely so that letters could be written and formal contacts made, and a Treasurer. The founder members each put in £25. When we remembered we collected £10 a year from those on our address list. When we needed money for an exhibition we worked out the cost and split it between those taking part. Usually it worked.

FrameWork met in a number of places over the years. Business and planning meetings mainly in peoples homes. The discussion meetings moved around several venues over the years, including community centres in Kew and Twickenham, and the Watermans Arts Centre in Brentford, the venue for most of the later exhibitions.

Framework now is this website, though it may one day become more. If you would be interested in taking part in a web-based FrameWork show, please email me.

Peter Marshall

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FrameWork Logo in use in 1980's

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