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is now this web site. All former members and exhibitors are invited to submit work and news. Please contact Peter Marshall.

Paul Baldesare exhibited with Framework. Since then he has shown with London Documentary Photographers and 4 on London at the Barbican Libary. He is now working on a project on English Carnivals which has received funding from the National Lottery. This picture is from a series which formed part of a Transport project shown at the Museum of London.

Peter Marshall has also shown with London Documentary Photographers and took part in 4 on London. Recently his work Pride Pictures from London Gay Pride marches was on show at the Museum of London.

Carol Hudson has continued to show her work, most recently in her one-person show at the Quaker Gallery in London (July 98).

As well as continuing with his work in Alternative Processes, Terry King has also organised the first international seminar for those interested in them at Bath in 1997 (APIS) as well as a smaller event this year with an exciting exhibition of work in the area. He now runs a workshop organising courses, Hands on Photography, in Richmond, UK.

Derek Ridgers has continued to establish himself as one of the leading UK photographers on the music scene as well as with other work.

William Bishop decided to set up his own photography Magazine, Inscape which is still going strong after over 20 issues.

Peter Symes has established himself as one of the leading UK jazz photographers.

Randall Webb still teaches and was the founder of the 1:20 Group which has recently produced an exhibition on Brentford.

Mike Seaborne has shown with London Documentary Photographers, in 4 on London. He has had his own show on Docklands at Canary Wharf and also with two other photographers produced a complete panorama of the banks of the Thames from Tower Bridge to Greenwich which was shown at the Museum of London in 1998.

Jim Barron has had considerable success in competions and publication etc. Six of his pictures were recently on show in the Photographers' Gallery.